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Public Engagement

KCL Public event,Will Women Determine Who Rules the World in 2024?, watch here, news summary here. 2024

3 Things I Know... KCL Podcast, listen here, 2024

Impact event, `How to Mobilise for Gender Equality in the 21st Century: Policies, Strategies and Organisational Capacity', see here, 2024

Faculti Interview,`From Suffrage to Representation', watch here, 2023


FUTURUM magazine, `What can the history of women's suffrage teach us about women today?', read here, 2023


Broadstreet blog post,`Bringing in the New Votes: Turnout of Women after Enfranchisement; read here, 2022

LSE US Centre blog post, `For American suffragists, winning the right to vote was just the start in securing greater representation for women', read here, 2021

Since Suffrage Symposium, `In the Wake of Suffrage: Women’s Politics in the 1920s',  watch here, 2020

LSE public event  `Women in Politics: Continuity and Change', listen here, 2017

LSE US Centre, podcast here, 2016


LSE Research Highlights, First women at the polls, watch here, 2016









KCL Public Event, Will Women Determine Who Rules the World in 2024?, 2024

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LSE Public Event, Women in Politics: Change and Continuity, 2016

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