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Public Engagement

For a discussion of how electoral competition shaped women's turnout after suffrage, see Broadstreet blog here or click below.







For a discussion of social networks and women's mobilization, Faculti, see here, 2023


For school teaching material of my research on women's suffrage, FUTURUM, see here, 2023

For a discussion of suffragists role for women's representation after suffrage, see LSE US Centre here, 2021


For a discussion of suffragists at the Since Suffrage Symposium, see podcast here, 2020

For my contribution to LSE public event  `Women in Politics: Continuity and Change', listen here, 2017

For a discussion about some of my past research at the LSE US Centre (with James Snyder) click here, 2016


My PhD thesis was featured by LSE Research Highlights. For the article and video interview click here, 2016









LSE Public Event, Women in Politics: Change and Continuity, 2016

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