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1. Gender in Political Economy (course convenor); Autumn 2022, 2023 (scheduled)

This is a second year optional course for Undergraduate students

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'Dr Morgan-Collins has been an amazing lecturer; I have never had a module with such an organised and incredibly informative lecture; the slides are so useful and provide a quick summary of the readings, which are a blessing to refresh memory with and all readings are covered which allows us to consolidate our understanding which is excellent. Mona is so helpful and her seminars are interesting; she has been excellent with feedback and essay help. She takes on feedback well and tries her absolute best to make the module better. The selection of readings are perfect and I really appreciate how she understood it was a lot and reduced it to guiding us with which pages to read. The range of essay question selection is also perfect and the module was organised so well that preparing for exams has not been an issue. I have never felt lost (which is a first for me) throughout this module; in fact I have never been so clear with expectations and module content.'

Student, Gender in Political Economy, King's College London, 2022.

2. Gender in Democracies and Elections (course convenor); Autumn 2023 (scheduled)

This is an advanced course in key topics in gender and political economy for master's students

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1. Core Concepts in Political Science (course convenor); 2017-2018, 2018-2019, Spring 2020

This is an advanced course in Comparative politics for graduate (master's and PhD) students

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'Attending your seminars has been one of the best experience in my master study. It is an interesting and challenging course, so I am truly grateful that you organized this class systematically and you are always professional and patient with us. It’s a pity that we only have one semester to learn from you and I am curious about the other half of this module’s content. As I said before, I really appreciate that you carefully selected the seminal papers for us to get started quickly on a new topic.'

Student, Core Concepts in Political Science, Durham University, 2020.


2. Historical Origins of Political Institutions (course convenor); 2018-2019, spring 2020, spring 2021 - scheduled

This is an optional course for third year undergraduate Politics students

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Guest [selected] lectures for Research Project (UG, Research design & Intro to Stats); Autumn 2017, Autumn 2018 

Guest [selected] lectures for Research Methods and Dissertation Production (PG, Research design); Spring 2018

Guest [selected] lectures for Analytical Politics (UG, Causal Inference); Spring 2020

Guest [selected] lectures for Introduction to Comparative Politics (UG, Comparative Politics); Spring 2019, Spring 2020


MY452: Applied Regression Analysis (with Ben Lauderdale) 

This is an advanced course in Applied Regression for graduate students at the Methodology Department.

GV101: Introduction to Political Science (with Simon Hix)

This is an introductory course to Comparative Politics at the Department of Government.

  • Guest lecture on Political Preferences, Ideologies and Dimensions (approx. 200 students) - Fall 2015

  • In 2015 and 2016, I have been nominated for a Staff Teaching Excellence Award by the Students at the LSE

  • You can download some of my teaching resources here.

LSE100: The LSE Course (with Jonathan Leape)

This is a School-wide introductory course to social sciences.

  • Runner-up in the Teaching Excellence category at the inaugural Guardian University Awards 2013

GV225: Public Choice and Politics (with Torun Dewan & Valentino Larcinese)

This is a course for second and third year students at the Department of Government.

EC260: Political Economy and Public Policy (with Torun Dewan and Valentino Larcinese)

This is a Summer School course for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students.


Download some of my teaching resources here.



  • Durham University: Nominated for `Women Making Difference' for Teaching, 2019


  • London School of Economics: Nominated for Staff Teaching Excellence Award by students in 2015 & 2016 

"Mona is an inspiration and role model to not only female students seeking to enter academia but also more broadly all female students with focused career ambitions, as she encourages them to aim high and also provides her own example. Her research focusing on the political roots and consequences of women’s suffrage also underlines the importance of women in politics, and emphasises the need to better understand such often-neglected questions in women’s history and politics. She always seeks to subtly make students aware of the unconscious gender (or any other) biases we all hold, both through some of our tutorial topics, and through some of her comments in general discussions we have on tutorials. For these reasons I think she is a great inspiration to female students studying politics at Durham."

Student, Durham University, Nomination for `Women Making Difference' at Durham, 2019.



I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. I completed a two-year training to obtain Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, an accredited certification by UK HEA, provided at the LSE.




  • Anita Braga, supervised research published in LSE Undergraduate Political Science Review, 2019

  • Hanna Folsz, supervised research published in LSE Undergraduate Political Science Review, 2018

  • Cecilia Tenge-Rietberg, supervised research won a runner-up award from PSA Women in Politics Undergraduate Essay Competition, 2018

  • Grace Natusch, supervised successful proposal for ESRC-funded PhD at Durham University, 2018

LSE, GV101 lecture, fall 2015

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