The Electoral Impact of Newly Enfranchised Groups: The Case of Women's Suffrage in the United States

Accepted, Journal of Politics

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At the Intersection of Gender and Class: How Were New Women Voters Mobilized?

(with Grace Natusch, LSE)

Awarded REF Enhancement Grant, Durham University

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Revisiting the Gender Voting Gap in the Era of Women's Suffrage 

(with Dawn L. Teele, University of Pennsylvania)

Awarded Research Internship Grant, Department of Government, LSE

Awarded URF Research Grant, University of Pennsylvania

Recipient of the Best Paper Award presented at APSA, 2017, Women and Politics Section

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Votes for and by Women: How Did Women Vote after the Nineteenth Amendment?

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PSPE LSE working paper

Competing for Women's Votes: Mobilisation of Women in the Wake of Democratisation

Universal Suffrage and the Support for Parties with Redistributive Agendas: Evidence from 17 Western Countries 

Transition, Careers, and the Tenure of Ministers: How Does Regime Change Shape Ministerial Stability in Post-Communist Democracies?

[Revise & Resubmit in East European Politics]

(with J-H Meyer-Sahling; University of Nottingham)

Awarded Small Research Grant, British Academy

The Political Impact of Women's Suffrage in Chile and Argentina

(with Dawn Teele, UPenn; Guadalupe Tunon, Berkeley; Anna Callis, Berkeley)




War and Women: Political Legacies of Sexual Violence in the Soviet Zone 

(with Ulrike Theuerkauf, (UEA) and Hanna Folsz (University of Durham)

Awarded DEVCo Research Grant, University of East Anglia

Awarded APSA Small Research Grant

Suffrage, Turnout and the Household: The Case of Early Women Voters in Sweden.

Awarded Grant Seedcorn Fund, Durham University

Awarded REF Enhancement Grant, Durham University

Protesting for the Vote:  How Suffragists secured the vote in the U.S.

(with Sarah Liu, University of Edinburgh)

Mobilisation of Early Women Voters in Austria.

           (with Hanna Folsz, University of Durham)