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First Annual LSE Historical Political Economy Conference


Charles Booth poverty map of London, Kingsway and surrounding areas, 1886-1903. For more information on LSE Charles Booth online Archive click here.

Our goal is to create a new London-based venue where cutting edge and innovative research on historical political economy can be presented and discussed. In particular, we aim to bring together emerging and leading scholars from both UK and the US who work on various aspects of empirical political economy using historical data. The smaller format of the conference allows a thorough discussion of all papers, with at least one hour devoted to each paper.


The First Annual Historical Political Economy Conference, was held at the LSE on January 25th, 2016. This conference was by invitation only. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 


You can find information about our first conference below.


Conference organizers:


                     Mona Morgan-Collins                                                



                     Ali Cirone






(Full schedule available here.)


The Political Legacy of American Slavery

Avi Acharya, Stanford University

Matthew Blackwell, Harvard University

Maya Sen, Harvard University

The Consequences of Dynastic Representation: Evidence from India

Carlos Velasco Rivera, Princeton University


Mid-Victorian Voting

Torun Dewan, LSE

Jaakko Meriläinen, Stockholm University

Janne Tukiainen, Government Institute for Economic Research VATT, Helsinki 

From Political Mobilization to Electoral Participation: Turnout in Barcelona in the 1930s

Francesc Amat, Institute for Political Economy and Governance, IPEG Barcelona

Jordi Muñoz, Universitat de Barcelona 

Carles Boix, Princeton University

Toni Rodon, Stanford University


Social Origins of Dictatorships: Elite Networks and Political Transitions in Haiti

Suresh  Naidu, Columbia University

James A. Robinson, University of Chicago

Lauren E. Young, Columbia University


The Confessional, the International, or Loyalty? An Examination of Partisan Performance after Women's Enfranchisement

Mona Morgan-Collins, LSE

Dawn Teele, University of Pennsylvania


Cabinets, Committees and Careers in 19th century France

Ali Cirone, Columbia University and LSE 

Brenda Van Coppenolle, University of Leiden





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