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Workshops & Conferences

Panels at conferences I organised:

Institutions, Representation and Development from Historical Perspective [Program here.]

Council for European Studies (CES), Reykjavik 2020

Co-organized with Carissa Tudor


From Past to Present: Women’s Political Mobilization and its Policy Impact [Program here.]

American Political Science Association (APSA), Washington D.C 2019

Co-organized with Carissa Tudor

Institutions of Democratic Representation through Historical Lens [Program here.]

American Political Science Association (APSA), Washington D.C 2019

Gender and Historical Political Development [Program here.]

European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG), Amsterdam 2019

Co-organized with Carissa Tudor

American Political Development through the Lens of Gender, Race & Immigrant Status [Program here.]

American Political Science Association Conference (APSA), Boston 2018​

Parties and Voters in the Wake of European Democratization [Program here.]

Council for European Studies (CES), Glasgow 2017​

Women in Politics: Understanding Female Political Participation [Program here.]

American Political Science Association Conference (APSA), San Francisco 2017​

Conferences & workshops I organised:

Gender and Politics Workshop (program here)

Nuffield College, Oxford, November 2019

Sponsored by CIPB, Durham University

Historical Women's Movements Workshop (program here)

Official Website here.

University of Pennsylvania, May 13, 2017​

Co-sponsored by Alice Paul Center; History Dept.; Political Science Dept.; Africana Center; DCC & LALS.

Origins and Developments of Women’s Political, Social and Economic Engagement (program here)

University of Glasgow, July 2017

Supported by CES Small Events Grant

Co-organized with Carissa Tudor

First Annual Historical Political Economy Conference (program here)

London School of Economics, January 2016

Co-organized with Ali Cirone

NICEP Conference, Nottingham University, Spring 2016

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